Ushuaia, Argentina

Today brings us another extreme: the southernmost track in the world. A thorough perusal of the larger settlements in Antarctica has lead me to the conclusion that there are no tracks on the entire continent, though I would be happy to be proven wrong.  The track we’re looking at today comes to us from South America, and is located in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina.  It is the capitol city of the Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina, and commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world.  It is only fitting, then, that it should be home to the world’s southernmost track.

There you have it, a track and two sports fields, at approximately 54°48′S 68°18′W.


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One Response to Ushuaia, Argentina

  1. dhill2718 says:

    “Capitol” is the name of the building. The city that contains it is still called the “capital city.”

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