Wagga Wagga, Australia

I’m going to level with you.  I was cruising around on google maps, looking at place names, and I thought this one was funny.  It made me think of some Fozzie Bear knock-off, “wagga wagga wagga!” so I zoomed in to check it out.  I was NOT disappointed.

The first thing to catch my eye was the Murrumbidgee Turf Club.  According to the website, it covers 70 acres and has five horse racing tracks of both grass and sand of varying lengths.

Here’s a closeup of the northwest corner, where you can see the two outer grass tracks and the three inner sand tracks.

This track alone was a wonderful find, but my trip to Wagga Wagga didn’t end here!  About a mile south of the Turf Club we have this gem:

Two in one!  A high school perhaps?  Another horse track?  Google doesn’t say.  Don’t worry, that’s not all!  Starting at around 3/4ths of a mile west of the Turf Club are these tracks!

If we head to the southeastern part of the city, we find these (you can click the picture for a slightly larger version).

And those aren’t the only ones!  Here’s what we see if we zoom out a little (again, click for a larger version).

I’m pretty sure there are at least eleven tracks in this picture.  This city is not fucking around.  And there are still more tracks for me to show you.  In this next picture, you can see the Murrumbidgee Turf Club and the four tracks to its west down at the bottom, plus six (I think) more tracks to the north, one of which looks like a sleep mask.

Also, to the south of the sleep mask we have this thing, which is probably a quarry of some sort, but I like to think of it as some sort of cosmic love note.

I apologize for not giving you close-ups of all the tracks in Wagga Wagga, but at least I managed to show you all of them.  Oh, except these ones, off to the west.

And what is that thing in the southwest corner?

… and I’m spent.  If there are more tracks in that area, you go find them.


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