JBLM, Washington

As a Google Maps enthusiast, I spend a lot of time looking at all sorts of stuff on Google Maps, not just tracks (if you can believe it). In fact, it is often just happenstance that I come across some of my most exciting tracks while perusing other geographical features, as is the case for the one in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

While today’s track might not be all that exciting, I stumbled upon it during an examination of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (known throughout my childhood as Fort Lewis). It’s up north near the McChord Airforce Base part of JBLM.


But in addition to this cool track, JBLM has all sorts of neat stuff, like underground bunkers!


It also has what’s probably a Marine Corps building, but I like to think it’s a practical joke on the part of the Marines to get an important Army building bombed in case there’s an aerial invasion.


As a bonus, if you look to the southwest of this facility, there’s a half size track!


There’s also this thing.


So, there’s that.


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